The hostel is at 4592 Bessemer Rd.; Nelsonville, Ohio 45764 (about an hour drive southeast of Columbus).  It is located near the corner of Conner Rd. and Bessemer Rd. up on the hill. The hostel is close to the new Route 33 Nelsonville/Buchtel exit. At the end of the exit ramp, go toward Route 78.  Just before a right turn, take a left on Burr Oak Blvd.  In about 50 feet, take a right onto Sylvania Ave. (You will see storage units and a massage parlor there).

In about an eighth of a mile, at the first intersection, take a right on Bessemer Rd (township road 22).  You will see the property easily by the solar panels on the blue and green building near Bessemer Rd. (Bessemer Place), and the signs.

You can park down by Bessemer Rd., Parking uphill, perpendicular to the road.

For the driveway, take a left on Conner Rd. before you get to the hostel signs.  On Conner Rd., go past one house close to the road, then take a right at the driveway just before a chain link fence and another house, and go all the way up the driveway.  If a car is at the top of the driveway, you can go straight up the driveway and park before taking a right to go up closer to the house, leaving room for the car at the top of the hill to back out.

The house has a green metal roof, white siding and a brown block bottom. Nobody but Chad Kister is ever allowed on the first floor of the house, it is the second floor that is the hostel, as clearly marked.

If you park on Bessemer Road, please park uphill perpendicular to Bessemer Road to leave room for more cars, and walk up the walkway and ring the doorbell at the upstairs (second floor) door.  Do not walk on the west side of the house, as clearly marked.

There are four doorbells, one on the mailbox, two on the front side of the hostel and one by the back, north door of the hostel.  If for some reason there is no answer from ringing the doorbell(s), call 740-753-3000, or 740-707-4110 and please be patient.